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Our practice in labor law has started in 1983 and 1996 respectively. We always have represented both employers and employees. We know the tactics from either side and profit from this experience.

Aiming for results

We try to concentrate on the key facts and to keep the amount of paper and the amount of time for conferences to a minimum. We are always time-driven.

We do not accept any case

We may be able to achieve a lot but of course we do not succeed in every case. We do not take up a case which does not have a sufficient perspective for a result worthwhile the effort. Prior to any action we outline to our clients both their chances and their risks.


Whenver possible we prefer talking to writing. Direct and personal presentation of our case is our main tool both for disputes and in negotiations. We communicate in clear and direct language.


Every client will be served always by one and the same partner. There will be no change between the partner communicating with the client and the partner communicating/representing the case towards the opponent and/or the court. However, we both have individual core areas and special experiences. In order to employ them we internally cooperate in order to find the best strategy.

Passion for dispute

Like other passionate members of our profession we act with fairness and respect towards our professional opponents, but always in a competitive manner and try to "go for goal". We love the challenge.

Anything else?

There is a life beyond labor law. We do not write legal articles after work.

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